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Welcome to the challenge!


To join the challenge please register by using this link: Challenge


What’s next?



  1. You will need a Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Rice Bowl, the materials are available at the parish and you can pick them up when you come to Mass. If you are not able to get one, click here to print the form and attach it to any container you have available.

  2. At the end of Lent, you will be asked to bring your rice bowl or container with your donations to church. Your donations will help CRS continue to help people around the world.


The Challenge:

Every week of Lent, starting Sunday, February 21 you will be asked to read a Story of Hope from CRS and submit your answer to two simple questions. Do this six times and you will be entered in a raffle to win a $50 Amazon gift card but most importantly you will learn about how other people live and how we can help those in need.



Week 1-First Sunday of Lent


  1. Go to Stories of Hope on the CRS website and watch the video, read the reflection and submit your answers to the two questions using this form.

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